Kelsey Halliday Johnson is an artist, curator and writer based in Philadelphia.

These photographs were taken in Lugo (Ra) between December 2010 and January 2011 during her stay as a recipient of the first Lugo Land Residency, while she was a Master in Fine Arts candidate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

The result of her residency is the Now hereseries which consists of a portfolio of 16 prints and an artist book (here on sale).

The prints are black and white gelatin silver prints, 10 by 12.5 inches on Ilford FB paper.

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"[...] Working in Lugo allowed me to reinvigorate my faith in photography’s power as a cultural document. As humans, we are shaped by reality, but our experience of reality is also transformed by our cultural history, language, and memory. How we mediate an image is similarly complicated. These photographs became a survey of my reflections on a place, but by photographing it, the place looks back and reflects us. In many ways, a photograph allows for a richer reading than a fleeting experience. A photograph is just as much a document as it is a question. At one point during my travels, in an agricultural field outside of Lugo, I witnessed a morning frost transpiring into mist that whipped wildly up into the atmosphere. As I photographed, the photographer Marcello Galvani (who traveled with me that day) turned to me and asked a simple but profound question: ‘Is it heaven or hell?’ And whatever the answer, I realize we feel the need to characterize places because they truly change us and in the process we change them. Each place asked its own questions and with my camera I have transcribed its stories." KHJ

Kelsey Halliday Johnson Now here

Curated by Terry Adkins and Luca Nostri
Designed by Filippo Nostri
42 pages, 16 photographs and a statement from the artist (english)
148 x 210 mm
Softbound softcover
Edizioni del bradipo / The University of Pennsylvania, 2011

ISBN: ISBN: 978-88-906449-1-7
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