Né vicino né lontano. A Lugo arises out of a residency curated by Luca Nostri on the invitation of the Comune di Lugo in January 2007. It is a work made from an intense two weeks photographing and wandering through this Italian landscape. In his foggy journey, the photographer will be guided by some improbable maps drawn by travelers met along the way, that Farrell asked just to indicate him a place nearby that was worthy of being photographed, and show how to achieve it by drawing a map on an A4 sheet (maps that are also the only evidence of the encounters made by the photographer). It is a very silent work which incorporates the contemporary gesture of digital photography which the photographer has to some extent explored with the ongoing work In Search of the Sublime and Other Stories in which our protagonist, (our ‘hero’) the photographer, is seen bearing witness to essentially empty landscapes. In many ways this work is a way of reflecting on what is to be a photographer but also more particularly for this moment within photography, as we bid adieu to the analogue moment.

The exhibition consists of 80 x 120 cm digital C-Prints framed without a mat, and of 13 x 18 cm digital C-Prints on 40 x 45 cm frames with a mat.

David Farrell Né vicino né lontano. A Lugo

Curated by Luca Nostri
Designed by Filippo Nostri
108 pages, 55 colour plates
Italian and English texts
245 x 203 mm
Clothbound hardcover
Punctum Press, 2007

ISBN: 978-88-95410-11-1
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