About us

Lugo Land is a research platform for photography and a book series published by Edizioni del bradipo.
Founded in 2004 by photographer Luca Nostri, Lugo Land has served as a living, working, experimental space, forming a creative and diverse community of people, and it has developed an international network affiliating with some prestigious foreign universities: the University of Pennsylvania School of Design in Philadelphia, the Architecture Association School of architecture in London, the Photography Program at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

The Lugo Land Team:

Terry Adkins
Francesca Montanari
Francesco Neri
Filippo Nostri
Luca Nostri
Sue Barr

Lugo Land Venue
Via Passamonti, 28
48022 Lugo (RA)


Lugo Land - Fotografia e territorio is a non-profit cultural association based in Lugo, Italy.